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New Products for July

Gretsch Renegade Hardware Pack (HL-01262976)
Gretsch Renegade Hardware Pack

List: C$340.59

Price: C$325.99

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Large Shaker Crash (TY-00755701)
Large Shaker Crash

List: C$65.66

Price: C$62.84

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Small Shaker Crash (TY-00755700)
Small Shaker Crash

List: C$57.45

Price: C$54.99

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Small Djun Djun Sticks (TY-00755702)
Small Djun Djun Sticks

List: C$17.77

Price: C$17.00

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Large Djun Djun Sticks (TY-00755704)
Large Djun Djun Sticks

List: C$17.78

Price: C$17.02

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Standard Djun Djun Sticks (TY-00755703)
Standard Djun Djun Sticks

List: C$16.41

Price: C$15.72

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Djembe Hat (9 inch.) (TY-00755706)
Djembe Hat (9 inch.)

List: C$49.24

Price: C$47.14

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